May 2, 2013

My FRAGGLE ROCK Contest Design Entry!

Hey guys, I'm in another design contest ... This time for FRAGGLE ROCK on Threadless! 

"Pocket Boober"
Fraggle Rock design by KiniArt

Please rate my FRAGGLE ROCK entry, above. Visit threadless through the link below. Numbers 5-1 are located to the right-side of the t-shirt on the Threadless site, (5 is the best rating possible, while 1 is the lowest rating). Click the number to rate the design!


Lucius Cambell said...

I've never found Boober this cute! This is simple yet so beautiful. It can make anyone who see it smile. I would enjoy wearing this! Anyway, how did the contest go?


Kim Niles said...

Thanks Lucious! Unfortunately, my Boober design was not the winning entry so it's not available on shirts. The original art drawing, however is currently homeless if you're interested. :)