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Illustration Friday: EGG

"Lovebirds" © KiniArt™ - All Rights Reserved
*This design is available as a digital stamp at CanYouDigiIt

Just for gingham and giggles

Woof. Woof. woof woof-woof

Illustration Friday: SWIM

Diving Westie Original Illustration is available on Etsy
© KiniArt™ - All Rights Reserved

Illustration Friday: GLASSES

My Superhero... © KiniArt™ - ALL Rights Reserved
My superhero is &copy: Faster than a fleeting mullet, he can leap tall tales in a single bound, sniffing out criminal copycats to help Artists everywhere fight for truth and justice.  The glasses?... Well every superhero, no matter how laid back, needs a disguise, right?
Thanks to voters, he was awarded "Cloud's Choice"!
Click the image to view the entire Ebsq "Create Your Own Superhero" art exhibit!
I set up part one of my new studio tools organizer (an idea discovered via Pinterest)... I found a vintage wine rack from Etsy, and bought 9 vases from the Dollar store to hold my color pencils.  

I'm working on adding some stackable wine racks to house all my color markers and paint pens in a similar fashion. :)