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My POM Parade TBA on Zazzle!

My POM Parade Mug was awarded one of TODAY'S BEST at Zazzle!

POM Parade Mug from


In Honor of  National Cherry Popsicle Day and National Dog Day both sharing August 26th...
On eBay now thru Sept. 5th! © 2010 Kim Niles,

KiniArt is BACK on eBay!

With the release of my new children's book, I've decided to dip my toes back into the pool ateBay.  Now, in addition to ordering my book at the retail price at Lulu, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble, and signed copies at, you can also order signed copies of my book through ebay, and bid on a small few original artworks there as well.

I will continue to hold Silent Auctions at so the eBay auctions will just be an additional place to buy KiniArt originals & books.

12 New KiniArt SILENT AUCTIONS: Halloween, Goth, ACEO, Westies & More

The new SILENT AUCTION features lots of Westie Terriers, Wheaten & Cairn Terriers, a Cow,  an Owl, and a Bichon Frise
Artworks also include Ladybug, Koala, Cat, and Goth Themes

Visit to view all the original art at auction

KiniArt Fabrics - I've Been BLOGGED!...

Just when I start to think I really AM in my own little world, creating all these doggies just to keep me company, along comes someone with an encouraging pat on the back.

Someone out there who has been enjoying my fabric designs liked them so much they told someone else about them and that person liked my fabrics enough to write about them in their blog!...

Check it out... here