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If you're not following KiniArtStudios on Facebook or @KiniArt on Instagram, you're likely unaware that I'm working in collaboration with It Works On My Machine on the first KiniArt emoji app!  It's called DoodleMoji and will feature a series of my hand-drawn Doodle dogs (#Labradoodle / #Goldendoodle ).

You can see more sneak peeks of some of the artwork to be included at the #DoodleMoji app Facebook page (and be notified when the app is released!) on Instagram at @DoodleMojiapp or at the DoodleMoji app Facebook page.
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Calling All Dog Carrier Shoppers and Manufacturers!

Attention ‪#‎DogCarrier‬ shoppers ... This product features my work - Exact copies of my Yorkie art but it is not a legal licensed product. I t was spotted in a pet shop in Brazil ... The label says "Broad Pet" with what looks to me to be a westie in the logo. I've had no luck in locating any record of such this brand yet. The so-called "designer" did a very poor job cleaning up the image they took from my fine art print website and in designing the layout (There are dogs overlapping in a chaotic manner and there are ugly grayish white bits left around the black outlines of the dogs from the image's original background that they didn't bother to clean up). Shoppers, IF you see this anywhere in the states, please let me know straight away. If you know anything about the "Broad Pet" brand, please let me know. Attention Dog Carrier ‪#‎Manufacturers‬ ...
I would love to have an official/authorized dog carrier KiniArt Licensee making dog carriers an…
Please Vote for my KiniArt Design in the PEANUTS Design Challenge!

"Chocolate Covered Peanuts"

Illustration Friday: JAGGED

Still one of my silly-design favorites ...  A Retro Restaurant Sign for The Jagged Spoon Cafe:

Sport it yourself on T-shirts and more

Happy National FUN At Work Day!

New KiniArt Fabrics!

See this and all fabric choices featuring KiniArt fabric designs at: