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Illustration Friday: WINTER

WINTER © 2010 Kim Niles, All Rights Reserved

New Art Sketches

I spent the past two days finalizing commissioned art sketches while listening to The Art of Racing In The Rain. I think I could really get used to consuming books in audio form. I have a huge collection of books that I want to read, intend to read, but I never allow myself time to read more than a few pages here and there because it feels too indulgent and doesn't pay the rent.  But with AUDIO books, I can work while I enjoy the book ~ perfect! The above link is to the paperback book. If you're interested in the audio version, use this one instead.

(The above links are affiliate links, earning me a small commission)

Below are the latest works from my commissioned art projects...

This one - A 5x7 custom drawing ordered through my Etsy shop, just finished:

And this one - Composition sketch for a mixed media 24x30" canvas painting:

Delivering Christmas Cheer?....

Okay, so yesterday I wore my favorite pair of black jeans in public for the last time (thanks to a hole on the inner thigh).  Today I purposefully put on a fresh pair of blue jeans and was just SO darn happy they still fit despite the fact I've gained back some of the 61 lbs I've lost.

On the agenda today... The last of the Christmas shipping at the Post Office, a trip to the bank, and then the last bit of shopping for family here.

Daughter came with me to the PO to help me carry in packages. The line was moving pretty quickly so everyone was a good mood.  Packages were shipped!  Daughter and I got into a car & as I was backing the car out, she said, "You should probably wipe your nose before you go anywhere else". I quickly checked my nose in the rear view mirror and yep - YUCK right there for everyone to see! I was mortified! I'd even took a few extra seconds to show the clerk a picture of my grandchild - which I NEVER do. WHY did I choose today of all days…

Illustration Friday: MAIL

Illustration from children's book,  Muggles' New Home

The cutest ruffled scarf followed me home from the store today! It looks a bit like this one, but it's a lot longer...

KiniArt Book Signing Event in Yakima, WA

I will be at Inklings Bookshop in Yakima,WA at a book signing event for my new childrens book, MUGGLES' NEW HOME, and you're totallyinvited! 
It's free and open to all KiniArt fans, family, friends, children & dog lovers come on out! There will be fun freebies for the kids and I will also be offering FREE sketches in your copy of the book!
Location: 5629 Summitview Ave Yakima, WA 98908
Date:  December 11th, 2010
Time: 10:00 AM - NOON

French Bulldog Art Men's Neck Tie

© 2010 Kim Niles, All Rights Reserved
Now in the KiniArt Zazzle gift shop

New KiniArt FRENCH KISSED Bulldog Tote

© 2010 Kim Niles, All Rights Reserved
Now in the KiniArt Zazzle shop