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Delivering Christmas Cheer?....

Okay, so yesterday I wore my favorite pair of black jeans in public for the last time (thanks to a hole on the inner thigh).  Today I purposefully put on a fresh pair of blue jeans and was just SO darn happy they still fit despite the fact I've gained back some of the 61 lbs I've lost.

On the agenda today... The last of the Christmas shipping at the Post Office, a trip to the bank, and then the last bit of shopping for family here.

Daughter came with me to the PO to help me carry in packages. The line was moving pretty quickly so everyone was a good mood.  Packages were shipped!  Daughter and I got into a car & as I was backing the car out, she said, "You should probably wipe your nose before you go anywhere else". I quickly checked my nose in the rear view mirror and yep - YUCK right there for everyone to see! I was mortified! I'd even took a few extra seconds to show the clerk a picture of my grandchild - which I NEVER do. WHY did I choose today of all days to strike up a conversation?.

So I double-check my nose before going into the bank - it's fine now so I go in, visit a little with the gal who opened my accts for me - showed HER the cute photo of my granddaughter and then walked across the room to the teller to make my deposit.  No waiting in lines, so I was in and out pretty quick. Next I dropped daughter at home and went on to Walmart to finish the last little bit of my Christmas shopping.

Finally home and having lunch with daughter and husband after a busy morning running around everywhere, daughter says, "So did you know you have a hole in your jeans?"  I said, "NO! Are you kidding me? You're kidding me, right?! Because I had a hole in my jeans yesterday so I put these on specifically so I would not be running around with a hole in my jeans!"  [Then it suddenly occurred to me that the jeans I chose to put on this morning were folded on the floor of my closet. I remembered wondering why I'd put them there instead of in my drawer but didn't give it another thought because I was too busy shaking them violently to be sure any possible spider stowaways had jumped ship before I put them on].  Then it hit me... The jeans I wore to the hospital the night my granddaughter was born.... I'd found out that night that those jeans had a hole on the left CHEEK of the butt... SURELY I had thrown those jeans away! There's no logical reason why I wouldn't have just thrown them away!... I put my hand behind me to check for the hole, and yep, I'd been running all over town - not to mention standing in lines, stooping/squatting while shopping in Walmart - ALL in jeans with a whole in the butt!... A boogie in my nose and a hole in the butt of my jeans - Yay ME!

So apparently I'm one of THOSE people now... Those people that other people see and think things like "Damn, I'm glad that's not me!". One of those people who end up having their photo spread all over the web for how they're dressed in Walmart.... Oh great!

The only victory I can claim today is that I got all my Christmas shipping and shopping done, and I'm just so relieved I wore my good underwear.  With any luck, I spread my own odd sort of holiday cheer and made people laugh today in the midst of their own holiday frenzied lives.

Enjoy your holidays, everyone!


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