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Announcing Official Licensed KiniArt™ Checks!

I'm pleased to announce official licensed KiniArt™ checks, checkbook covers, & labels are now available from CheckAdvantage LLC Dog breeds, cats, wildlife, & little girls by KiniArt™
Don't see the breed you want? Email me to request an addition!

Illustration Friday: OCEAN


2013 Resolutions...

Yes there are a lot of things I want to do, do better, or just do more of in 2013, and while I've promised myself to strive to meet all these goals, I've decided to keep it simple and list just ONE resolution this year... er, actually make that TWO resolutions, thanks to recent Hilary Clinton news....

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I knew dehydration is bad - I was aware that once again I live in a constant state of semi-dehydration & I know I feel better when I'm properly hydrated, but thanks to discussions about Hilary's latest health news, I now know dehydration can also cause blood clots (yikes!).  So here are my two resolutions:

1.  Do NOT get blood clots (drink more water!).

2.  Dwell in happiness. (simple, but not always easy... It just makes for a MUCH better year!)