February 9, 2013

KiniArt is moving to Greeting Card Universe!

After thinking long and hard about my relationship with CG, having my quarterly earning reports essentially hidden from me, and the fact that transparency and trust is such a LOW priority there, I've decided to move my card designs to Greet Card Universe.

I've had my first two cards approved for sale at GCU and I will be adding more.  Already they've featured one of my Westie dog cards - You can take a look, below...


Marty Qatani said...

Kim... congrats on the move. If they (CG) aren't going to look out for you and deal with you on the up and up, then I applaud you for taking actions into your own hands.

Best of luck.


Nicol Marquis said...

Your card is really cool. Well done for perserving, very inspiring. Love the little doggy, reminds me of Snowy from Tin tin :)

www.shootingmyjourney.blogspot.co.uk x