September 24, 2012

For those crafters who are wondering WHY you can no longer access the site for mardenz svg files, it is because after she was caught selling an illegal infringement of KiniArt Westie (, and contacted about it, she immediately made her blog "private" in an attempt to prevent hide the infringement.

This is a legal matter and as I can now see that the infringing file is still listed and accessible through her directory, AND is now even appearing on ebay as a wall decal, we will be turning it over to our attorneys.

If you value morals, integrity and respect copyright law, please stop using files for your creations.


a rider said...

Wow Kim, it is sad, really sad. I hate that you have to fight this all the time.

Denise said...

I'm sorry to hear that it is wrong. But is that Westie file for sale by you? I love westie's and do not sell anything but make things for friends.

Kim Niles said...

Thanks Denise. Yes I offer that image on a variety of products ( Several of which can be purchased and used in your personal not-for-sale products. I can also make it available to you on a mini poster print if you'd like to have it in a larger size.